Hardwood Floor Sanding

When it comes to sanding your hardwood floors, our team is on the ready.

Are you ready to breath life back into dull or lifeless hardwood floors? At Hardwood Floors by Mario we work to bring luster back to wood that has been dulled by time, traffic, or damage. Our full service team offers services in installation, sanding, staining, refinish work, custom inlays and hardwood floor repair. You can count on our expertise to guide you each step of the way! Hardwood Floor sanding is a vital part of the refinishing process and is one of the jobs we highly recommend be done only by skilled professionals- like us. Our team works to ensure that this vital process of sanding is done correctly by highly trained technicians.

Reasons to Sand Hardwood Flooring:

  • helps to repair existing minor damage and blemishes
  • when floors have become dull and lifeless over time
  • smooths grooves and uneven wood
  • can help secure loos planks
  • provides and even base for stains and top coats and seals
  • makes floors appear newer and smoother
  • sanding and sealing can protect your floors from future damage

Our company has over 30 years of quality service under our belt and have even recently upgraded our tools. We now have dustless sanding machines for the best results for your home, your comfort, and your hardwood floors. Our skilled team of technicians takes great care to ensure the best results for your custom sanding project.

Our hardwood floor sanding services can refinish existing floors and breath life back into neglected or aged wood. Our team of experts understands the value of your hardwood floors and works tirelessly to improve their condition. The sanding process is the first step in restoring and refinishing your damaged or dull hardwood floors. Our dustless machines keep the process efficient and clean so that your home is protected during the entire sanding process.