Salvage Damaged Hardwoods With Professional Repair

salvage hardwood floorsIt is often said that we live in a society that favors replacement over repair. While replacement is certainly the right course of action in some cases, isn’t it wise to salvage what is damaged when you can? We think so. You might fear that the repaired portion of your floor won’t match or that the work will be obvious, but Hardwood Floors by Mario specializes in expertly repairing damaged hardwoods. We can salvage damaged hardwood floors with superior quality and expertise.

Salvaging damaged flooring and restoring it to the original beauty is just as rewarding for us as it is for our clients. We understand that you want your flooring to look incredible, but you also want it to last, too. The quality of the craftsmanship is just as important as the appearance of the final product. That’s why we devote ourselves and our resources to every job we take on—and you’ll see evidence of that in your hardwoods repairs.

What Causes Hardwoods to Become Damaged?

There are a myriad of reasons your hardwoods might have become damaged. Sometimes dishwashers and washing machines leak. If you have termites in your home, they might target your flooring. Pets can certainly wreak havoc, too. Any incidents like these will leave a portion of your flooring looking obviously different from—and worse than—the rest. The good news, however, is that such damage can typically be repaired. Our repair process can be the undo button on the damage your flooring has sustained, and the results will conceal any evidence of the original disrepair.

Our Repair Process and Methods

There are plenty of DIY hardwood floor repair solutions, but these methods can often do even more damage to your floor and leave the problem worse than when you started. When your hardwood floor needs to be repaired, calling a professional is the only way to ensure the problem is solved. We utilize the following methods to repair damaged hardwoods:

  • Remove damaged portion of your hardwoods
  • Install unfinished wood or matching panels
  • Sand down hardwoods to make surface consistent
  • Stain, if necessary, and refinish surface of flooring

Hardwood Floors By Mario Precision InteriorsThis method produces a perfectly consistent look and repairs all of the damage that your floors have sustained. The result is gorgeously repaired flooring that looks as though nothing had ever happened. Though we have a standard approach to the repair process, we also understand that every floor is different, so we work with each of our clients individually to brain storm the approach that will create the best results.

Trust Professionals to Perform Your Repairs

Repairing hardwood flooring is not just a matter of aesthetics. Though you certainly want to be rid of the eyesore, you are also likely concerned about the safety of your floor, too. Damaged floors that are neglected for too long may begin to rot and pose a safety risk to your home’s residents and guests. Getting a professional on the scene as soon as possible to perform repairs is essential to keeping your home safe and looking great. Reach out to us today to find out more about our various hardwood floor salvaging.