Superior Quality for Your Hardwood Floor Replacement

As beautiful as hardwood floors are, they are also tough. Even though they are a durable surface, hardwood floors that have been refinished multiple times or mistreated in the past may need to be replaced. Extensive wear, chipping, warping, or cupping of the planks means that floor replacement should be considered. With over 30 years experience installing, replacing, and repairing hardwood floors, Precision Interiors is your best choice for quality hardwood floor replacement.

Get Your Ideal Floor

Maybe the floors are not the style you like or you prefer the planks to go the opposite direction that they do now. This could mean that a floor replacement is in your future. A floor replacement can actually be the right solution to create an entirely new look in just one room or your whole house. Replacement can completely change the type of wood you use and the planks’ direction.

Quality Counts

Sometimes, the quality of the existing floor is not adequate for refinishing, and a floor replacement is in order. Signs of waning quality in your hardwood floor are warping, heavily damaged planks, exposed tongues where the planks come together, and an obvious degradation of plank thickness. The professionals at Precision Interiors are experienced in evaluating the integrity of existing wood floors and can advise you of the best options to take in the interest of both safety and aesthetics.

Aging Issues

If your hardwood floor is extremely old, it may be time for a replacement. We can evaluate if too much of the wood has become exposed and advise you on the remaining thickness and structural integrity of your floor. As a bonus, taking the old floor out before replacing it with a new one will eliminate transition issues to other areas of your home because the finished floor surface will be the same level as the rest of the home.

Subflooring Situations

Intolerable sub flooring squeaks are another reason for hardwood floor replacement. When the old floor has been removed, repairs and amendments can be made to the subfloor to drastically reduce or eliminate the squeaking. The results you achieve with replacement in this type of case will be more impressive than just refinishing.

A Quicker Solution

When time is a consideration, a floor replacement can actually take less time than refinishing an existing hardwood floor. We will talk to you about what to expect with your flooring project and answer any questions you might have about the replacement process.

When you want to achieve a classic, timeless look with a durable floor that will add to your enjoyment of your home as well as to its value, look to Precision Interiors and  Contact us at 253-732-6462 to find out how we can help beautify your home

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