We are a dedicated team of floor professionals with a passion for delivering a quality floor experience to our customers. Our diverse backgrounds allow us the opportunity to focus on the total customer satisfaction.

Mario C.

Mario was born in Italy and moved here as a young adult. He came to realize his passion for flooring when he helped his family replace their dining room floor. Since finding the beauty of hardwood, he has been on a mission since to make every home, office, living space into a thing of beauty and art.


Greg K

Greg feels the glory of working on flooring the most, his appreciation for the work is based on his close relationship with floor. A family man who enjoys spending time with his children, Greg exemplifies the quality craftsmanship ethic we have as a company.

Chris M.

Chris uses his experience in marketing and advertising to make sure we as a company are everywhere we need to be. In his free time you can find him reading up on the latest in psychology papers, local politics and media.